About Us

Before you do something, before you start something, even before you cook something (ok, at least for first time), we are all thinking to ourselves if we are doing it right? Am I missing something before going to hiking? Am I fully prepared or leaving something behind before starting my international tour? Is my interview for this job going to end into a disaster?

Literally, so many situations and only one answer - consult checklist. There are so many of them but spread all over the internet. Checklists.ws was built by keeping in mind that when you are looking for checklist for something you don't need to wander here and there. Instead, how cool it would be if you find all the stuff at one single place.

To help further, we have compiled several variants, versions of checklists on same topic so you choose what suits your need or occasion.

If you have any suggestion or query, then please do contact us via our Contact Us Page.